Dealing Miguel Tejada within the division remains a road the Orioles would rather not go down, but the Red Sox, according to a source with direct knowledge of the team's pursuit of the shortstop, have made a ''pretty good offer" that has positioned them as a legitimate contender for the 2002 American League Most Valuable Player. The Sox, who initially offered Manny Ram?rez for Tejada straight up, recently offered Ram?rez and righthander Matt Clement, according to the source. However, three stumbling blocks stand between the teams and a deal. Baltimore's ownership and management is largely opposed to dealing Tejada within the AL East; 2. Ram?rez and Clement are owed approximately $22 million more in guaranteed money than Tejada. (Ram?rez is due $57 million over three seasons, Clement $19.25 million over two seasons, and Tejada $48 million over four seasons plus $6 million owed on a prorated signing bonus); 3. Ram?rez, who can veto any deal, would have to approve a move to Baltimore. Of those issues, the second appears to be the most vexing to the Orioles. ''That's the problem," the source said. ''The money." Whether Ram?rez would accept Baltimore as a landing spot remains unknown. His agent, Greg Genske, did not return a phone call last night. But, one major league general manager said yesterday, ''Baltimore is pretty good, for what Manny wants." That want, presumably, is privacy. Added the GM, ''If he doesn't go there, where will he go?"