The Mets have been linked to disgruntled Baltimore shortstop Miguel Tejada in numerous reports ? a development that one team official refused to comment on last night. But if the club regards its bullpen as a priority, there is at least one other trade the Mets could make immediately. Granted, they'd be showing the same disregard for money and/or prospects they showed in the Paul Lo Duca and Carlos Delgado deals, but they could swap righty Aaron Heilman for Tampa Bay closer Danys Baez if they wished. However, Mets officials have continuously stated that Heilman is very unlikely to be moved this winter, a stance that has shifted almost 180 degrees over the last year. Though Mets GM Omar Minaya talked with the Devil Rays repeatedly during last week's winter meetings, he remains unwilling to move Heilman for Baez. The reluctance to trade the Mets' 2001 first-round pick is worth reviewing.