The Cubs losing out on shortstop Rafael Furcal could turn out to be the biggest blessing in disguise for general manager Jim Hendry. That?s because there might be another, better, shortstop on the market. His name is Miguel Tejada. If the reports out of the Dominican Republic and Baltimore are to be believed, Tejada is fed up with the seemingly directionless Baltimore Orioles and wants out after only two years there. Knowing that Tejada is a winning ballplayer with impeccable character, it?s not hard to believe that he is fed up. If Tejada indeed does demand a trade, look for the Cubs to be first in line and look for them to have a very good shot at landing Tejada. Hendry was willing to go as high as $57.5 million and up to six years for Furcal. Tejada left the Oakland Athletics after 2003 to sign a six-year, $72 million contract with the Orioles. So the money isn?t a problem, and the betting here is that the Cubs could get the O?s to pony up some of the dough. From the Orioles? standpoint, they?re going to want nothing to do with dealing Tejada to their friends in the American League East: the Yankees or the Red Sox. They?ll probably want to get him out of the AL altogether. Furcal left the Atlanta Braves to go to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Braves wasted no time replacing him, getting Edgar Renteria from the Red Sox at the just-concluded winter meetings.