One day after the Red Sox traded a former All-Star shortstop, Edgar Renteria, the club offered Manny Ram?rez to the Baltimore Orioles for Miguel Tejada, arguably baseball's most dynamic shortstop, according to industry sources. As of late last night, the Orioles had been contacted about Tejada by five to eight teams, including Boston, but weren't ready to take the Sox' offer to owner Peter Angelos, according to an Orioles source. It's uncertain whether Angelos would want Ram?rez. Baltimore, while fielding several offers, still holds out hope that it can talk Tejada, a world-class player in his prime, into remaining with the club. Tejada, unsettled by Baltimore finishing 21 games behind the Yankees and Sox last season and, in his mind, doing little to change the team's losing culture, told the Associated Press in the Dominican Republic Thursday that he would like to be moved, just two seasons into a six-year, $72 million deal. Tejada's agent, Diego Bentz, declined to comment yesterday, saying the situation was too delicate. He refused to speculate as to whether Tejada has spoken with Sox designated hitter David Ortiz, though he did acknowledge the two are best friends and have known each other since their youth in the Dominican.