It wouldn't surprise the rival Red Sox if the free-spending Yankees ended up grabbing Manny Ramirez before Opening Day. Some players are pointing to the signing of Mark Teixeira, which New York appeared to pull off in the 11th hour. "I didn't think that was coming," outfielder J.D. Drew said of Teixeira, "but I guess the Yankees can always slide in there and pick someone up. That's what they're known for doing. You never know. I guess we'll all be sitting there wondering about (Ramirez)." Kevin Youkilis doesn't think the Yankees will spend anymore money, but he's smart enough to realize that nothing is impossible. "I can't see it," Youkilis said. "I only see him really going to LA. The Dodgers will sign him. Maybe San Francisco. I think the Yankees are capped out. They've spent all that money, and I can't see them going after Manny. But you never know with the Yankees."