Yankees' GM Brian Cashman believes that the team is trying despite their struggles this season, according to MLB.com. "We haven't performed," Cashman said. "We're not getting what we need to from everybody that we expected. If I knew why, then I would have fixed it. Unfortunately, it's my job to put it together and fix what's broken. I haven't been able to figure that out. If I could have, I would have by now." Hank Steinbrenner left Yankee Stadium on Wednesday after New York lost it's second straight to Boston by saying, "there's going to be a lot going on this offseason." Cashman has accepted responsibility for the team's faults this season. "After all the red tape, I think [manager Joe] Girardi has done a tremendous job given what has occurred," Cashman added. "He continues to try to remain upbeat with this coaching staff to try to keep his players up. It's frustrating for all of us, but the buck stops right here with me. My job is to put it together, my job is to fix what's broken and my job is frustrating the hell out of me." "I do know one thing -- this team is trying," Cashman said. "They're not laying down. That's a fact. They want to win and for some reason, it's just not happening."