Even before Erik Bedard started an eight-decision winning streak that elevated him to an American League Cy Young Award candidate, the Orioles vowed to explore signing their 28-year-old ace to a long-term contract extension. Bedard is under contractual control by the Orioles through the 2009 season, but with each dominating outing the pitcher delivers, securing him for the long term might be more and more of a priority. "We have him for the next couple of years, but I think it is very appropriate to consider him in that Cy Young caliber," said Andy MacPhail, Orioles president of baseball operations. "He's been extraordinarily impressive. Why wouldn't you want him here for a long time? I'm sure we'll prioritize those things that we want to attack and I'd imagine that one of those things will be having conversations with his representation and him to see how comfortable he is being here long term."