The top teams didn?t change much this past week and neither did the bottom teams, but the middle ground is full of influx. With long win streaks being the only key for a fast rise up the charts, check out which teams took this path in the last week in April. 1. (2) Boston Red Sox (16-8) The Red Sox are in first place by four games and outfielder Manny Ramirez is just starting to get hot. Watch out for Boston. 2. (11) Cleveland Indians (14-8) He doesn?t get the publicity of designated hitter David Ortiz, but Travis Hafner is just as good (.338-5-16) if not better than the Boston slugger. 3. (1) Atlanta Braves (15-9) The bats are coming alive, but rotation depth and a trip to the DL for Bob Wickman should have people in Atlanta early heading into May. 4. (3) New York Mets (15-8) Veteran outfielders Shawn Green and Moises Alou are both hitting over .345, providing the stopgap needed for young outfield prospect Lastings Millegde.