After throwing for the third straight day on Monday, David Price said he was surprised how good his sore elbow felt.

With a close-to-normal range of motion and the inflammation gone, Price said his elbow is the "best it's been."

"It feels good. It's been getting better every day," the left-hander said. "Kind of surprised that it's responded the way that it has. If you asked me a week ago, I'd have said I felt OK. And I feel really good right now. Today is the best it's felt. Just everyday activities.

"I don't feel anything in there right now. So that's coming after two straight days of throwing baseballs into the net, so it's responded really well."

Price isn't yet ready to throw off a mound, according to the Boston Red Sox. He will continue throwing on flat ground, making 25 throws at 50 to 60 feet to get his arm moving before eventually easing back to normal long-toss activities.

"I don't know when we'll look to increase the distance, volume, intensity -- all that," John Farrell said. "[Price is] kind of in this early phase of the main thrust to see all of the rehab and the strengthening, yet getting his arm moving with some light throwing."