The Orioles have received several inquiries about shortstop Miguel Tejada, but at this point, the club's focus is on persuading the All-Star to back off his trade demand. Orioles officials spoke to Tejada at around 8:30 last night after they spent most of the day talking with Tejada's representatives, Diego Bentz and Fernando Cuza. "We have spoken to Miguel Tejada and his representatives," executive vice president Mike Flanagan said. "We have spoken to his representatives for the better part of the day, and the only way we can categorize it at this time is that Miguel wants to win." Asked if he was given the impression that Tejada feels that he can win in Baltimore, Flanagan declined to comment. He also declined to offer any specifics on the talks and wouldn't say if anybody else was involved in the phone conversations. He described the talks as ongoing. Bentz declined to comment. Though Flanagan wouldn't say if he is more optimistic after talking to Tejada, the fact that they got in touch with the player, who hadn't spoken to team officials since telling an Associated Press reporter Thursday that he would benefit from a "change of scenery," at least gives the Orioles a reason to be optimistic.