The Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers have met at least twice this week at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel, and are expected to meet again today. The teams have discussed a deal that would send rightfielder Bobby Abreu and possibly third baseman David Bell to the Dodgers for Derek Lowe or Brad Penny, both pitchers. "We've got one trade talk going that could be a higher-level guy" for the rotation, but most of the deals "would be lower-level," the Phils' general manager said. There are hurdles to clear before the trade with the Dodgers could happen. First, Lowe and Penny are at the beginning of lucrative multiyear contracts, and the salaries might be too high for the Phillies to afford. Second, Gillick indicated it was unlikely Abreu would be traded, because the Phils couldn't get enough in return. And third, any trade would be subject to Abreu's approval.