Arizona ace Javier Vazquez formally asked the Diamondbacks to trade him Thursday night, preferably to a team east of the Mountain Time Zone. Not because of money. Not to make trouble. Not because he dislikes anything about Arizona except its place on the map. "That's the whole thing," Vazquez said. "Me and my wife -- we're very family-oriented. That's the way my mom and dad raised me. That's the way her mom and dad raised her. When I played with Montreal and New York and I'd go on a long trip, my wife and kids were able to go home to Puerto Rico to see our family. And vice-versa. When I was home, our family could come and see us. "But in Arizona, it was tough. The toughest thing was that flight [from Arizona to Puerto Rico], especially with two young kids [ages 1 and 2] who have to move around and can't be still for two seconds. It was a whole-day trip. You leave at 9 [a.m.] and get in at 9-10 o'clock at night, and then have another hour and 20-minute ride to our house. It was just very hard. ... So for me and my family, it would just be easier to be closer to the East Coast."