Reed Johnson is an odd character. His goatee, not shaved since the end of last season, makes him look like he belongs in ZZ Top. He wears his socks high, something only a select few major leaguers do. He has a gymnastics background, a feature many ballplayers would like to keep secret. While Johnson may not be the most normal guy out there, the Toronto Blue Jays don?t seem to mind. The only thing they know and care about is Johnson?s talent. If there ever was a player rebuilt in the mold of Lenny Dykstra, it?s Johnson. He is an all-out hustle player, who chips in home runs, steals bases, plays good defense, gets on base, and most importantly, he enjoys the game. Johnson was hit by a pitch an American League leading 21 times last season, and despite it all, he did it with a smile on his face. ?I didn't know it was a record, I was just trying to go up there and get a hit every time.? This is Johnson?s most valuable asset, his ability to get on base for the ?Big Three? of Vernon Wells, Troy Glaus, and Frank Thomas. Johnson, many believed deserved the everyday outfield position last season, but instead he was platooning in left field with pure contact hitter and fan favorite Frank Catalanotto. In an article written in the Toronto Star, Johnson said, ?I train so that I can play every day. I don't train to be a fourth outfielder, or there would be a lot less training. I wouldn't be waking up as early. I wouldn't be trying to be in the shape that I'm in. I know my body can take the pounding of an everyday season." Johnson was rewarded this past season when the team opted not to sign Catalanotto and instead focus their attention to Johnson, who Jays? general manager J.P. Ricciardi said that he did everything asked of him and needed to be rewarded. Johnson will be the Jays? permanent leadoff hitter this season, and with a .390 on-base percentage as a leadoff hitter, tops in the American League last season, Johnson will be a welcome switch to the position that was often changed last season in Toronto. The real question is, how much can Johnson help push the Jays over the top in the American League East? Can they stand up to the Yankees and the Red Sox? Well, according to Joe Torre, Johnson is the perfect guy to lead the line-up. Only time will tell how good Johnson can be, but it seems like Reed is starting to get read.