During an appearance on "The Howard Stern Show" this week, Reggie Jackson went into detail about his failed attempt to purchase the Oakland Athletics.

Jackson claimed then-commissioner Bud Selig directly intervened to keep Jackson and his ownership group from getting a deal done.

The Hall of Famer had assembled an ownership group that included Bill Gates, Paul Allen and John McCaw, and claims he had the blessing of A's owner Ken Hoffman.

The A's were instead sold to Lew Wolff, a development Jackson believes came about by Selig and the league's owners colluding to keep him from their ranks. 

"I absolutely believe that Bud was the guy involved that denied me from getting a team. I had a 100-page lawsuit drawn up, I still have the deck, about 3-4 inches thick," Jackson said.

"And there's six inches of text messages and all that kind of stuff that went back-and-forth. I never filed it. I got scared away by some people in baseball. They said, 'Reggie, the first thing you have to do is resign from baseball, from the Yankees. And you probably won't get hired again. And you probably won't this and you probably won't that.' And I didn't know enough about the legal system, etc. I should have sued. I didn't. It's obviously still in my craw."

Wolff purchased the A's in 2005.