Brian Cashman gave a sarcastic response when addressing Jim Crane's comments against the New York Yankees' general manager concerning the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal.

"I don't think anybody's going to dance to the tune he's singing," Cashman said. "I'd say it's called deflection, him trying to equate probably ... an equivalent of a parking ticket to maybe 162 felonies."

Cashman was responding to Crane's comments to USA Today. Crane disputed the New York executive singling out the Astros' sign-stealing scandal as one of the reasons for the Yankees' recent championship dry spell in an interview with The Athletic during the spring.

Crane categorized Cashman's comments as "extremely strange," particularly in light of the infamous letter Rob Manfred sent to the Yankees in 2017, which became public last month.

"There's the letter, and you were doing it, too," Crane told USA Today. "You were there, dude. What are you talking about? If I was one of the teams, and I knew our team was doing it, I'd keep my mouth shut and just go about our business."