Oakland City Council members voted 6-1 in favor of a nonbinding term sheet for the Athletics' proposed waterfront ballpark on Tuesday.

However, the session ended with confusion as to whether negotiations between the city and the team would continue.

A's president Dave Kaval said during the session that the new term sheet, consisting of city amendments, "is not a business partnership that works for us," echoing his sentiments from Monday, when he said that a "yes" vote under the city's terms was "akin to a 'no' vote."

Kaval expressed concern that some of the amendments -- covering affordable housing and anti-displacement protections, among other items -- consisted of language that the A's were seeing for the first time and said the team was "still digesting" some of them.

Rob Manfred, who represents the owners of the 30 teams in the league, reiterated those sentiments in a statement.

"For the last four years at my request and urging, the Athletics have invested significant resources and have made a major commitment to their community in the hopes of remaining as Oakland's only major professional sports franchise," Manfred wrote. "We are disappointed the City Council chose to vote on a proposal to which the A's had not agreed. We will immediately begin conversations with the A's to chart a path forward for the Club."