After giving up three home runs, Zack Greinke tried something new against the Detroit Tigers on Monday night.

Trailing 4-0, Greinke tossed a 51.5 mph eephus pitch to Renato Nunez. It was Greinke's slowest pitch in the tracking era (since 2008) that wasn't an intentional ball. It went for a called strike.

"He really got me on that," Nunez said. "I wasn't expecting that. One of the guys told me earlier that he has that pitch, and it was, 'Hey, get ready for that pitch, then hit a homer.' And I was like, 'OK, if he throws that.' But I didn't [swing].

"I mean, it was way too slow. I will see if he throws me that one next time. Maybe I'm going to swing hard and hit it."