Clayton Kershaw says he would "absolutely" consider the possibility of re-signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers after his contract ends this season.

Kershaw will turn 33 less than two weeks before Opening Day. There's a perception that the pitcher could retire after the 2021 season now that he's finally won a championship.

"I'm on a year-to-year basis," Kershaw said. "I wanna reevaluate at the end of every year and see how we're doing -- as a family, myself personally, where we are as a team -- and then just make a decision from there. I have no intentions of hanging them up. I'm only 32. I feel like I have more years left in the tank.

"If you ask me right now, I really still love playing, I feel healthy right now, I feel like the ball's coming out good. I'm excited for this year, and that's really all I meant [by his answer in the L.A. Times profile]. I'm focused on this year and trying to win a World Series, and then after this year, we'll figure things out."