The Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics played Monday's doubleheader with a haze of smoke hovering above the field at T-Mobile Park, even with the retractable roof of the stadium closed.

The air quality index in the Seattle area surpassed 200 on Monday, a number considered "very unhealthy."

Wildfires on the West Coast have suffocated much of the Pacific Northwest with unhealthy air conditions.

"No one said a word," Bob Melvin said. "I heard 200 was the cutoff level to start and my understanding is it was way over that, both games."

Melvin said several players were complaining during the second game about how bad the air was on the field.

"I'm a healthy 22-year-old. I shouldn't be gasping for air or missing oxygen. I'll leave it at that,'' Jesus Luzardo said.