Derek Jeter has been on both sides of the table during labor fights between Major League Baseball and the union and offered a unique perspective.

The economic dispute between the two sides this spring as they negotiated a shortened season was made very public. They spent several weeks haggling before Rob Manfred unilaterally scheduled a 60-game season.

Jeter called the economic debate "embarrassing a times" and acknowledged there is "no trust" in the relationship.

"It was disappointing. It was embarrassing at times. There's a lot of trust -- there is no trust (between MLB and the MLBPA), I should say, is the best way to put it," Jeter said.

"Hopefully things will change moving forward. It was pretty sad to see the back and forth being played out publicly at a time like now. So many people filing for unemployment throughout the country -- over 30 million people, 40 million people -- with no jobs. They really don't want to hear owners and players going back and forth about how much money they deserve and how much money they need."