Vin Scully has been hunkered down at home during the coronavirus pandemic, but spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the strange times we are living in.

A veteran of 67 years in the broadcast booth, Scully also grew up during the Great Depression and lived through World War II.

"Among other things I remember my mother would feed me something that would fill me up and didn't cost very much, I remember having pancakes for dinner and a lot of spaghetti," Scully said. "We didn't have any money anyway … meat was hard to come by … we bit the bullet."

"From depths of depression we fought our way through World War II, and if we can do that, we can certainly fight through this. I remember how happy and relieved and thrilled everybody was … when they signed the treaty with Japan, and the country just danced from one way or another. It's the life of the world, the ups and downs, this is a down, we're going to have to realistically accept it at what it is and we'll get out of it, that's all there is to it, we will definitely get out of it."