The 2020 Major League Baseball season will begin on March 26, the league's earliest start other than international games.

The commissioner's office also said all 30 teams could play on Opening Day for the first time since 1968. A full slate was scheduled in 2018 but two games were postponed.

The 2020 regular season is to end Sept. 27, putting the World Series on track for Oct. 20-28.

The American League Opening Day games are Yankees at Baltimore; Kansas City at the White Sox; Detroit at Cleveland; the Angels at Houston; Minnesota at Oakland; Texas at Seattle; and Boston at Toronto.

In the National League, it's Atlanta at Arizona; St. Louis at Cincinnati; San Francisco at the Dodgers; Philadelphia at Miami; the Cubs at Milwaukee; Washington at the Mets; and Colorado at San Diego.

The one interleague matchup has Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay.