The Pittsburgh Pirates may trade some veterans for prospects this month, but they won't be moving Felipe Vazquez.

Neal Huntington made it clear Sunday that he has no plans to trade his closer.

"We certainly understand why his name gets floated. He's one of the best relievers in baseball," Huntington said. "We're sitting behind a handful of teams. There is a history of teams sitting behind a handful of teams being willing to trade players, so it makes sense. We also have four-plus years of potential contribution from one of the best relievers in baseball.

"My job is to listen when someone makes the call, but we're not the one placing the calls to see what's out there. If somebody wants to explore anybody on our club, we have to. Back in the day, we had to explore on anybody and it's no different. It's our job. The rumor mill takes it where it takes it.

"But we always have to entertain ways to make this organization -- and ideally this current club -- better. Sometimes you make the future clubs better, but we fully anticipate Felipe will be closing the next playoff games that we're a part of."