The Boston Red Sox are 11 games behind the New York Yankees in the American League East, but owner John Henry believes they can still make the postseason.

"If we play up to our capabilities we will easily make the playoffs. That's how I see it," Henry said of the Red Sox, who are just two games out of a Wild Card spot.

The Red Sox don't have much room for additions at the trade deadline if they are to stay under the $246 million threshold for the maximum luxury tax penalty.

"It's not a luxury tax issue, it's a question of how much money do we want to lose," Henry said of making payroll additions. "We're already over budget and we were substantially over our budget last year and this year. We're not going to be looking to add a lot of payroll. And it's hard to imagine fielding a better team. If we play up to our capabilities we'll be fine. That's the question: Will we? We're halfway through and we haven't ... It's a worthy team because we invested. Two years in a row we have the highest payroll. It's not a matter of investment, it's a matter of playing well."