Christian Yelich hit a double through a gap in the outfield fence at Oracle Park on Sunday.

Yelich was denied an RBI and the Milwaukee Brewers a run because a hole in the wall produced a ground-rule double with a runner already on first base.

The hit had an exit velocity of 117.9 mph, the fifth-highest base hit in Major League Baseball this season. It was the hardest-hit ball of any kind by the Brewers since 2015.

It bounced to the wall in the perfect spot to slip through a gap in a fence that allows passersby to watch games for free from the walkway along McCovey Cove.

"That's the first time I've seen it," Bruce Bochy said. "I was a little concerned. Kevin [Pillar, the right fielder], with his experience, did the right thing instead of trying to dig it out. I've never seen that. I didn't know what happened until the replay. You could see it went through the cushion."