Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Neal Huntington would like to see Major League Baseball allow players to re-enter games after being examined for concussions.

The club lost Francisco Cervelli to a documented concussion on Saturday night and placed him on the injured list.

"Any player that had an obvious concussion risk incident should be allowed to be removed from the game, taken off the field, taken into the locker room, assessed by a doctor, assessed by a trainer, go through an extended period of time and then re-enter the game," Huntington said. "Because right now, all of this has to happen on the field."

"The player has to feel pressure as he's standing there with 30,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 eyes on him," he added. "He has to feel pressure to make a decision whether (he's) in or (he's) out of this game. He knows if he takes himself out and he's the catcher, there's only one other catcher, and the game becomes a fiasco if that other catcher gets hurt."