Roy Halladay won't have a team logo on his Hall of Fame plaque when he's inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame later this year.

There was a question as to whether he'd go in as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays or Philadelphia Phillies.

Halladay's widow, Brandy, made the announcement when speaking to reporters after a news conference Wednesday introducing the Hall's 2019 induction class at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan.

"I feel that -- and we talked about this -- that this is the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame," Brandy Halladay said as she glanced at her two boys.

"It's not the Phillies Hall of Fame, it's not the Blue Jays Hall of Fame," she continued. "Roy is going in as a major league baseball player. And that's what he is. And I hope that he represents something to all of baseball, not just the Phillies fans or the Blue Jays fans, but to baseball as a whole. And that's how I think he should be represented."