Andrew Friedman knew what he was getting when he acquired Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were willing to acquire Machado, who doesn't hustle all the time, because his good points outweigh the bad.

"He got booed in Baltimore three weeks before we traded for him," Friedman said. "It's not like it was a secret. I think it's never a fun thing to watch, at least from my perspective and vantage point, but I do think it's important to dig further into that, and I think there are times when guys do that and they don't really care. And I think there are other times where guys do it and they really do care, and by care I mean the effort they put into their work, the type of teammate they are, and Manny checks all those boxes."

Machado is one of the top free agents on the market.

"So would I rather see more effort as I'm watching? Of course. I think anyone would say that," Friedman said. "But I think that in and of itself isn't as critical of a dynamic as it would be if he didn't care, if he didn't put in the work, didn't put in the effort, and that in our 3½ months of being around him was really strong."