The Minnesota Twins won't call up Byron Buxton this month in part because of service time concerns.

Buxton has struggled this season, hitting .156/.183/.200 in 28 games because of toe and wrist injuries.

The Twins will send Buxton home when the Triple-A season ends Monday.

Thad Levine listed three reasons for the decision -- a "lingering" wrist injury, an unimpressive performance at the Triple-A level and the lack of an opportunity at the Major League level. He touched on the service time discussion as well.

"Needless to say, neither the agent nor the player were happy to hear this information, and I think for all the right reasons," Levine said. "We totally respect and understand their position in these instances.

"I think part of our jobs is we're supposed to be responsible to factoring service time into every decision we make," Levine said. "I still feel pretty resolute in saying that the other three factors were more present for us in this decision-making process than that. We wouldn't be doing our jobs if we weren't at least aware of service-time impacts on decisions we make."