David Price says that video games are not the cause of his carpal tunnel syndrome, but he won't play "Fortnite" in the clubhouse again "to avoid the distraction it has caused."

The Boston Red Sox pitcher was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome this week. He has not pitched since May 3 but is scheduled to return Saturday at Toronto.

"I've always played it with my teammates, during the offseason, at the field, at the hotel," Price said. "That's kind of my generation. That's what we do. If I need to shut down video games and pick up a new hobby, then so be it. But I do not think that's the cause."

Price insists that while video games might have contributed to his carpal tunnel, they are not to blame for the origin of the swelling in his left thumb, index finger and middle finger.

"This is just something that happened over time. This didn't stem from any one thing," he said. "I'm born in 1985, so that's the video games generation. Being a Red Sox is the least amount of video games I've ever played being in Major League Baseball."