Andrew McCutchen says the Pittsburgh Pirates didn't ask his opinion about moving from center to right field this season.

The Pirates told him in January that he was going to shift positions. McCutchen said "it wasn't an ask. It was more of a 'say.' It was 'I have to move there.'"

Over his 12-year professional career, McCutchen has played just one game in right field. It came at the Double-A level.

"That was one of the first times that that was something I wanted to go against," McCutchen said. "It wasn't something I was ready for or I wanted to do. But as I keep saying that, I'm talking about myself. So I just had to not be as selfish and just accept that that's what I had to do and move over to right."

He admitted that not having any say in the decision was tough.

"It's more difficult because I feel I can still play it," McCutchen said. "I don't feel like I'm at the end of my career. You know, people like to say, 'Torii Hunter moved to right.' Uh, also, Torii Hunter was 35 years old when he moved to right. So at the same time, I'm 30, and I feel like I can still play it."