When Andrew Benintendi first heard news that the Boston Red Sox would trade for Chris Sale, he worried that he'd be sent packing to the Chicago White Sox.

"My agent texted me. He's like, 'You're either going to go or not in the next two minutes.' I was just like, 'Well, there's not much I can do.' After that two minutes was up, I saw everything on Twitter," Benintendi said. "People were texting me. Obviously, it was a big move for both sides. I'm excited he's on our side and I'm not facing him."

In reality, Benintendi didn't have to worry. Dave Dombrowski had little to no interest in trading his projected starting left fielder.

"Well, we were never planning on it," said Dombrowski. "That was not a goal of ours to trade him. We like him a lot. I know we've traded a lot of good, young players, but I think it's important to break young players in. He's going to be one of the young players to break in the door. We'll have some other young guys breaking in on a year-in, year-out basis. But our goal was that he really was our left fielder. We never came close to trading him."