The Los Angeles Dodgers haven't ruled out pitching Clayton Kershaw on short rest in Game 5 of the NLCS against the Chicago Cubs.

If he did start the fifth game, it would be on three days of rest.

Dave Roberts said he's more likely to start Kershaw in Game 5 if the Dodgers win Game 4 and are on the verge of advancing to the World Series. If the Cubs win Game 4, it would be less likely.

"That's why there is no definitive, because there are a lot of variables," Roberts said. "Game 4 in the division series, it was because of the use of the pen and all that stuff -- and that is why we went Kersh instead of Julio [Urias]. So that's why it's not as easy just to make one decision right now."

Kershaw said he's ready for anything.

"Feeling good. All good," he told Fox during Tuesday's game.

"In the playoffs you just kind of wait and see how things are going. I understand that, and I'm ready for that. Whatever game they pick."