The New York Mets are having a difficult time attracting free agent hitters due to the dimensions of Citi Field.

The Mets brought the outfield walls closer to home plate after the 2011 season, but it still has the reputation as being a pitcher' park.

Two agents representing players the Mets have talked to this offseason admitted privately that the ballpark’s reputation is something that their clients have had questions about this offseason.

“It’s something that is still in the (players’) heads out there, that it’s a tough park to hit in,” said one agent, who requested anonymity to protect his clients. “They see what David Wright went through there and it makes them a little nervous I think.”

Chris Young isn't nervous about playing in Citi Field.

“I’ve never been a big power guy as far as long, deep home runs,” Young said. “My home runs are more line drives that fell out of the yard... Citi Field really doesn’t affect that type of power, in my opinion.”