Don Mattingly is frustrated with the way the media and fans create unfair expectations for marquee, high-spending teams.

The Dodgers will enter 2013 with a record payroll, likely north of $230 million.

"It was like if you didn't win it all, you had a horrible season," Mattingly said of his time with the Yankees in an interview on ESPNLA 710. "I mean, teams that went out, played hard, battled their way through Boston, won a bunch of games, got into the playoffs. If you lost in the playoffs, it's like you didn't do anything.

"That's tough, because it's not easy. We're going to have to work hard and there are going to be a lot of hills left to climb and we're going to have some low points during the season. For me, it's not fair to guys. They bust and they bust and they bust, then you run into two hot pitchers in a five-game series, they shut you down and they're out of the playoffs. It's tough for me to be down on guys after they battle 162 (games) for you."