A large portion of the fans at Angels Stadium made their displeasure in Albert Pujols heard on Friday night with a hearty round of boos. Pujols, the team's prized free-agent signing, finished 0-for-4 to put his batting average at .194 and his homer-less streak at a single-season career high of 108 at-bats. "If I could boo myself, I'd boo myself, too," the first baseman said. "But I know better than to just get myself down. My message to the fans is that they have a reason. They have a reason to boo. I'm not performing the way that I can. But just the way that I'm patient, they need to be patient in knowing that I'm going to be here for 10 years. And I don't read the future, but I guarantee you there's going to be more cheers than boos in those 10 years."