Jerry Dipoto has brought his love of statistics to the Angels, but he wouldn't describe himself as solely a numbers guy. "I'll tell you -- I'm both. I'm both," the Angels general manager said in reference to the belief that you are either a "Moneyball" general manager or not. "As a general philosophy ... I like to believe myself to be balanced and I think in making any balanced decision you want to be as objective as you can in making that decision. What statistical analysis does is allow you to be as objective as you can be," he said. "Now -- I don't think I'm the only guy in the world that looks at the numbers. There are 30 clubs out there and I think every one of them looks at the numbers." However, not every team is run by a "card-carrying member of SABR," as Dipoto says he is. Dipoto says he visits "a ton of" the many websites devoted to statistical analysis and has also developed some analytics of his own. "I'd rather not get into the small detail. There is some advantage to having something or looking for your edge in a little bit different area than someone else," he said. "I do generate what I would call an objective role -- where does this guy land objectively on the map? "The number itself, you massage it. There is a certain degree of objective opinion that has to come into play in this game. If you think it's just a simple, objective, slam-dunk, statistical decision-making process, you're going to whiff. Conversely, you're also going to whiff if you think it's just 'Oh boy, he can run; he can throw.' There's a lot of those guys in the history of the world that didn't work out. ... There's a variety of websites I use to help generate information. I won't say there's a particular formula because I think formula generally leads you down the wrong road because you tend to get married to a formula. You have to be willing to look at it and say, 'I know what the numbers are telling me but I see value in this player.'"