In the NLCS between the Cardinals and the Brewers, two starting staffs that were very good during the regular season have struggled. Over four games, starters in this NLCS have averaged 4 2/3 innings per start while posting a composite 5.79 ERA. Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, and to a lesser extent his Milwaukee counterpart Ron Roenicke, has been consistently aggressive with his bullpen in the NLCS. La Russa has eight relievers, at least six of whom have earned considerable trust from the manager. "I think it's everything to do with [the offenses]," La Russa said. "If you look, every inning that these guys go out there, the offensive talent that they have to face, you don't have the luxury of throwing the ball down the middle. ... I think it's a heck of a challenge for the pitchers on both sides against these two lineups."