Carlos Beltran hasn't ruled out accepting a trade to any of the primary teams interested in him, but he has expressed a strong preference to remain in the National League and in right field. Beltran said he was uninterested in serving as a designated hitter even twice a week and is not interested in facing American League pitchers. "Right now, when they approach me about the teams, then I will decide if I would love to go to that place or not," Beltran said. "I made it clear to them that teams that are in contention are the ones that I'm willing to go to. "Right now, I feel so comfortable with the National League. I've been here seven years. I feel comfortable here. ... It's just seven years that I haven't played in the American League. But let's see. I mean, it's going to be convenient for the organization, for sure, but it also has to be convenient for me. If it's convenient for both, we move forward." Beltran had full no-trade protection. ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney has named Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Texas and Boston as the primary suitors.