Ichiro Suzuki, the only player left from Seattle's 2001 play team, celebrated the 10th anniversary of his major league debut on Friday. The outfielder has 10 straight 200-hit seasons, 10 consecutive All-Star appearances and 10 Gold Gloves. At age 37, Ichiro admits that he's a different person now. "It's tough, because the situation is different," he said when asked if he's even more driven now than when he was a rookie. "But what I can say is, 10 years ago when I first came here, I only thought about myself. "Because I'm here to perform. And being the first position player from Japan, you need to perform. You've got your flag behind your back saying, 'Perform more or you'll destroy the path from Japan.' So that said, I thought more about myself. Now I have more room, more space, to where I can think about the team. So in that way, I can look at it from a different way."