Troy Glaus and recently acquired first baseman Lyle Overbay, also on hand last night, have left the team with a glut of middle infielders and designated hitter types that include Koskie, Shea Hillenbrand, Eric Hinske and Frank Catalanotto. At least one of those bats will have to go and though Hillenbrand appears the most tradeable, Ricciardi all but confirmed last night that he'll be staying when lauding his new-look batting order. "It's nice with these two guys," he said, nodding at Glaus and Overbay next to him on the podium, "and Vernon (Wells) and Shea (Hillenbrand). That's four good bats in our lineup right now." Ricciardi said he'd only spoken to Koskie's agent as of last night but plans to talk with his former third baseman about his future. "When Corey came in (last year) Hinske moved over (to first base)," Ricciardi said. "So, I guess everybody ultimately has somebody who trumps them at their position." A source in Minnesota said yesterday the Twins are set at third base with former Jays regular Tony Batista and lack the financial resources to try to bring Koskie back. Koskie saw time as a DH last season but doesn't want to comment further on his willingness to assume that role until he hears from Ricciardi.