Stephen Strasburg gave an animated fist pump in the 9th inning of Friday's game against New Mexico following an important strikeout, which drew the ire of their head coach. ?I tip my hat to the way the kid pitches,? New Mexico head coach Ray Birmingham told reporters after the game. ?But I think he needs to work on his demeanor a little bit.? Last month, according to Daily Lobo?s Sports Editor Isaac Avilucea, Birmingham sounded off on Strasburg during halftime of a New Mexico women?s basketball game saying: ?There?s a guy down in San Diego State rumored to be worth $25 million. When he comes down here, we?re going to make him look like 25 bucks.? But Friday?s postgame comment seemed to stir Strasburg and SDSU head coach Tony Gwynn the most. ?The thing about coach Birmingham, I understand he?s trying to keep his kids positive,? Gwynn said. ?But a lot of this was brought about because he popped off earlier in the week about some stuff that he had no idea about; he had never seen (Strasburg) pitch. He said some things in their press conference last week that I was kind of hoping (Strasburg) didn?t get to hear, but he did. ?And that?s the reaction that he got (from Strasburg) was, ?Well you know what, you said I need to do this, this and this, well here?s 14 for you and here?s shutting you down 1-0.??