Fernando Martinez's name is sure to come up next week during the winter meetings in Las Vegas, but the Mets are not prepared to deal him. After holding Martinez out of countless trades the past few years, they will be tested again, and general manager Omar Minaya still is reluctant to move him. Minaya always has refused to label any prospect "untouchable," but he kept Mike Pelfrey off the table last year at this time and he seems ready to do the same with Martinez. Minaya remains interested in free agent Raul Iba?ez, but if Martinez continues to show improvement in spring training, he could eventually merit playing time along with the platoon of Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy currently in place. There has been talk that the Mets could land Bobby Jenks and Jermaine Dye, but the package almost certainly would center on Martinez and a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday there was "nothing there."