The Red Sox, Marlins, and Pirates continue to talk seriously about a three-way trade involving Manny Ramirez, but a deal still is not assured of being completed, major-league sources say. "If anyone thinks this is a slam dunk, that's not the case," says one source with knowledge of the discussions. The teams still have yet to agree on the players in the deal, sources say, although the basic framework for the blockbuster is in place. The Marlins would trade outfielder Jeremy Hermida and a prospect for Ramirez, and the Red Sox then would flip Hermida and prospects to the Pirates for left fielder Jason Bay. Pirates' left-handed reliever John Grabow also is in play, possibly headed to the Marlins. The Pirates' return from the Red Sox, sources say, is the last holdup in the deal. The Pirates are seeking an "appropriate return for an All-Star caliber left fielder" -- and one who is affordable at $5.75 million this season and $7.5 million in 2009.