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Dodgers Acquire Lugo From Devil Rays

The Dodgers have acquired Julio Lugo from the Devil Rays for two minor leaguers, Joel Guzman and Sergio Pedroza, according to ESPN.


Lugo Gives Devil Rays Counteroffer

Danny Lozano, agent for shortstop Julio Lugo, said of the Rays, "Literally, the ball is in their court" after he made an offer in response to Tampa Bay's from Thursday.

Lozano declined to give specifics, but it is believed Lugo's starting point was a four- or five-year deal at about $8-million to $10-million a season.

Friedman said negotiations could go into Monday.

"I spoke to (Lozano) during the game and they've given us some thoughts," he said. "We're going to talk about them internally."

Via St. Petersburg Times

Rays Make Contract Offer To Lugo

The Devil Rays made a multiyear contract offer to shortstop Julio Lugo that apparently will be the starting point in negotiations.

Agent Dan Lozano said he would further analyze the offer today and discuss it with Lugo, then make a counter-offer to Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman.

Via St. Petersburg Times

Fetching Lugo Won't Come Cheap For Toronto

A source in Tampa Bay said on Tuesday night that the D-Rays have zero interest in Toronto's David Purcey in any Julio Lugo deal.

The source added that any deal for Lugo that involves a Jays reliever, like Brandon League or recently acquired Jeremy Accardo, would require a multi-player package from Toronto.

Via The Star

Lugo Sits Amid Trade Discussions

While Rays SS Julio Lugo sat out his third straight game with a bruised middle fingertip on his right hand, trade talks to deal Lugo to the Blue Jays seemed to hit a roadblock.

Toronto is believed to have offered the Rays a list of available players who they would swap in a deal for Lugo.

The Devil Rays were disappointed when RHP Dustin McGowan, RHP Shaun Marcum and RHP Brandon League did not appear on the list.

Instead, the list is headlined by LHP David Purcey, who the Rays would have little interest in.

Devil Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman wouldn't specifically comment on negotiations.

"As per our policy, we don't address discussions that may or may not be ongoing with other teams," Friedman said.

Via The Tampa Tribune

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