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Colorado Expected To Shop Atkins And Holliday

With acquiring a frontline starter a priority, the Rockies are expected to shop Garrett Atkins and Matt Holliday. Willy Taveras also faces an uncertain future in Colorado with the club still wavering on whether he's a leadoff hitter.

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Rockies Want 'Tighter Ship' In Colorado

After becoming the darling of the major leagues last fall, many Rockies aren't happy with the acceptance of losing this season, according to Denver Post.

"They should make changes. This shouldn't be acceptable, playing like this and losing all these games," shortstop Troy Tulowitzki said. "Hopefully, we will find out what it is soon. If they want (Hurdle) to run a tighter ship, then that's fine. Guys will listen. The good thing about this game (is) if guys don't listen, they aren't going to be here very long. Everybody knows that."

Via Denver Post

Holliday: I Want To Stay With Rockies

Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday claims that he wants to remain in Colorado, according to Rocky Mountain News.

"It's the only organization I've ever been a part of," Holliday said before Monday night's game. "Ten or 11 years, and five in the big leagues. A lot of my teammates are some of my best friends in the world. So, yeah, if something were to happen, there'd be some emotions as far as teammates and last year's team, mainly, and all we were able to do last year."

Holliday turned down a contract extension from the Rockies that was rumored to be worth $18 to $20 million per season earlier this year.

Via Rocky Mountain News

Fuentes Hoping To Stay In Colorado But Not Optimistic

Brian Fuentes said Tuesday he would like to re-sign with Colorado as a free agent, but the team's silence has spoken volumes.

"I am hoping to stay. But it hasn't been brought up. So I assume it's not an option," Fuentes said. "Until they make an effort, then not so much, no I don't (see it as an option). There will be X amount of jobs with X amount of closers on the market, with the (Angels') Frankie (Rodriguez) at the top of the chart."

Via Denver Post

Career Minor-Leaguer McClain Hits First HR In Giants' Win

With one swing, Scott McClain shattered 19 years of frustration, and the Giants beat the Rockies, 9-2, on Wednesday at Coors Field, as reported by MLB.com.

After spending 15 years in the Minors and four more in Japan, McClain, 36, finally hit his first Major League home run, a solo shot to deep left in the sixth inning.

He might as well have grounded out with the way his teammates reacted in the dugout.

"It was awesome," Barry Zito said. "He just kind of walked in and was like, 'All right, thanks, guys.' After that, we jumped up and started hugging him."

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