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Giants Weekly: Just Enough Edition (July 23, 2012)
While the bullpen still needs to turn it around to replicate the astonishing pitching performance of the 2010 season, the biggest discrepancy (other than Tim Lincecum) has been the Giants actually getting strong performances offensively from three guys for the entire season thus far.
Giants Weekly: First Half In Review
The Giants have made a meaningful improvement offensively over the last few years and shows that they have a chance of replicating the 2010 season where they generated just enough hitting to win all the games they needed to win.
Behind The Series: Cain, Bumgarner Help Giants Take Series
An early marquee series in the National League was played in San Francisco this week. While the pitching duel between Matt Cain and Cliff Lee on Wednesday night stole the show, the Phillies and Giants could also be a playoff preview.
Giants Weekly: We Know We Are Running Out of Time Edition
The biggest week of the year lived up to that billing, though not with the result Giants fans were hoping for.
Giants Weekly: One Huge Week Edition (August 29)
One week of a baseball season rarely makes or breaks a team, but the Giants must turn things around over the next six against the Cubs and D-Backs.
Giants Weekly: Lightning in a Bottle Edition
The Giants are coming off two series losses that were disappointing in different ways. The Giants have made me appreciate how fortunate the 2010 team was.
Giants Weekly: Viva El Tapon Edition (August 15)
After a series loss to the Pirates, the extended road trip to Miami, Atlanta, and Houston took on additional significance as Arizona continues to surge.
Giants At The Deadline: A Short-Sighted Overpay
Brian Sabean is exactly who we thought he was, for better or for worse. The decision to trade six years of Zach Wheeler for 60 days of Carlos Beltran fits clearly in the recent history of moves by the Giants, particularly the last two seasons.
Grading The Deal: Giants Make Splash By Adding Beltran
Badly in need of offensive help, the Giants improved their chances of repeating as champions by parting with a top prospect for Carlos Beltran.
Giants Complete Bay Bridge Sweep
The Giants and Athletics continue to move in opposite directions as we enter the heart of the season.
Giants Weekly: 'Pablo's Just Another Word For Plenty Left to Lose'
The Giants stumbled in Washington and have also lost Pablo Sandoval for six weeks.
Giants Weekly: 'There's No Place Like Road' Edition
Coming off a strong week where the Giants got series wins against the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, the team needed to keep the pedal to the metal against Colorado, the team standing clearly atop the division.
Giants Strengths Reveal Possible Error In Strategy
The Giants have been built on the strength of their pitching, but their inability to grow their own position players (beyond Posey) will be what separates them from MLB's elite.
The Difference Of Six Months
In order to get the full scope of the division winning season, it proves worthwhile to take a look at the lineup San Francisco trotted out on Game 1 on Opening Day.
On Matt Cain And Misconceptions
After spending Saturday morning at the absolutely phenomenal Fangraphs conference (and spending some of the weekend re-reading classic Fire Joe Morgan pieces), Daniel Leroux comes out guns blazing for a Matt Cain/Barry Zito debate.
The Perils Of Poor Run Production
San Francisco is an excellent 20-6 in games where they score three or more runs (partially aided by the 5-1 record in games with eight or more runs scored).
The Giants After 35 Games
The Giants have received better than even expected production from their starting pitching, as well as their lineup, but are both sustainable?
Will The Song Remain The Same For San Francisco's Offense?
While the Giants offense does appear to be better than last season, the long term outlook for 2010 doesn?t seem to be all that encouraging.
2010 Season Preview: San Francisco Giants
With Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, the Giants have the kind of front end pitching to be dangerous in the playoffs. But they will need a big improvement from everyone in their lineup not named Pablo Sandoval in order to get there.
Grading The Deal: Lincecum Signs $23M Deal
With a fair amount of symmetry, the Giants and Tim Lincecum have agreed to a $23 million deal over two years. Even with this deal and Barry Zito's $18.5 million for 2010, the San Francisco rotation will make on average $7 million apiece.
Behind Lincecum's Struggles On Opening Day
With a lower release point than he showed in 2008, Tim Lincecum couldn't locate his fastball whatsoever.
2009 Season Preview: San Francisco Giants
The Giants have the potential to be a top-10 team in terms of pitching, but can young guys like Pablo Sandoval help a mediocre offense score enough runs to compete?
Auditing The San Francisco Giants 2008 Season
The Giants' first season out of the single-star system of Barry Bonds put them largely into the single-star system of Tim Lincecum.
'Striking Out' With The Giants, Volume 3.0
In an August edition of 'Striking Out,' we look at Matt Cain's overshadowed season, the failure of the John Bowker experiment, and why Tim Lincecum's one-year deals work for the Giants.
'Striking Out' With The Giants, Volume 2.0
Who is John Bowker and how does is he hitting a homer in every three of his at bats? Which starter should be the odd man out when Noah Lowry returns? How old is their supposed 'young talent'?
Striking Out With The Giants, Volume 1.0
'Striking Out' is a new edition to RealGM's baseball pages this season, which will touch on three of pressing issues (good or bad) for all 30 major league teams. First up are the Giants who feature their worst opening day lineup since '85, which includes a Single-A shortstop and (generously) their 3rd best pitcher.
2008 Season Preview: San Francisco Giants
Because expectations are so modest, the Giants' season will be termed a success if just two things happen. But developing a fringe All-Star hitter has been an impossibility for this franchise.
The State Of The Franchise: San Francisco Giants
We already know Will Clark and Matt Williams (2nd overall pick in 1985 and 3rd overall pick in 1986 respectively) aren?t walking through that door. But with two potential perennial Cy Young candidates, how will the Giants rebuild the club out of the Barry Bonds era? Can Brian Sabean ever develop a homegrown position player?
The Legacy Of Barry Bonds?
Barry Bonds said in 2001, "The balls I used to line off the wall are lining out [of the park]. I can't tell you why. Call God. Ask Him." But now we don't have to call God, because we know exactly why those balls went out of the park.
Giants Need To Focus On Pitching
It is imperative for the Giants to re-sign Jason Schmidt, at any cost. He can help Matt Cain learn the role of being an ace and team with him to produce one of the best one-two punches in baseball.
Subtle Moves From The Giants Out Of The Winter Meetings
While the media attention was focused on the Soriano deal, a potential Manny trade and Florida dumping their whole team, the Giants made a couple trademark moves to help balance their roster. While we wait for a potential Matt Morris signing, Eric Klackner breaks down the moves that Brian Sabean completed.
The Giants And The Winter Meetings
The baseball world has descended on Dallas, Texas for the annual Winter Meetings, a get-together that often results in madcap free agent signings and the occasional trade. This year promises to be no different, with most of the top free agents still available and some major names on the trading block. What does this mean for the Giants? Unfortunately, I have no idea. What should it mean for the Giants? I have some thoughts on that.
The Return
Barry Bonds' statistics through his first 5 games are rather pedestrian: 3-for-13 with 1 HR, 1 RBI, 2 runs scored, 3 walks, and 3 strikeouts. But considering the circumstances of the at-bats in question, those numbers are probably to be expected.
Bonds Won?t Decide Giants? Fate
While Bonds return will affect how teams game plan the Giants, which should give Moises Alou and Ray Durham more pitches to drive, it will take awhile for Bonds to regain his form.
Past And Future Meet In Present
The Giants new top pitching prospect is Matt Cain, a 20-year old phenom from Tennessee who has a devastating array of power pitches. With all the players in the Giants minor league system who have been traded over the last several years, Cain has remained untouchable, and with good reason. He is the future.
Randy Winn: Back by the Bay
Since arriving in San Francisco at the July 31 trading deadline, Danville native Randy Winn has batted an even .300 with 3 home runs and 6 runs batted in 18 games. But that doesn't tell the whole story.
Unnecessary Heat?
Brian Sabean's track record of acquiring Major League-proven talent has worked with tremendous success for the better part of a decade. With frustrations mounting, and the Giants currently sitting 15 games under .500, some fans are looking for reasons to explain the dismal year. And they're looking in the wrong place.
Original Blueprint Crumbling For Giants
Coming into the 2005 baseball season, everyone from the wealthiest owner to the poorest fan of the San Francisco Giants could be seen surfing a monumental wave of confidence. Dire needs had been addressed, and all that remained was to play out those 162. So much for the Design Phase. You know? best laid plans and all that.
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