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Here at RealGM our heart beats thanks to the thousands upon thousands of posters that frequent our forums on a daily basis. With the MLB season just days away, what better time than now to check in with the people who care about baseball even more than some of the players on the diamond?

2008 Record: 97-64
Division Standing: 1st
Run Differential: +184

The Answers
1. How would you rate the team?s offseason thus far?

Posey H8er: C+. The Cubs have added depth to their farm system by moving Mark DeRosa and Felix Pie. If Milton Bradley stays healthy we will have one of the best players in right field. Other than that nothing to be excited about, which is fine for a 90+ win team.

SportsWorld: I?m not too happy with what [general manager] Jim Hendry has done so far, but if he could land Jake Peavy before the trade deadline I think all the moves made were worth it. I'll give them a C for now.

hermes: I?m not pleased with how the Kerry Wood situation went down. I can understand the DeRosa trade, but the Pie and Jason Marquis trades were good (salary dump and moving a player who wasn't going anywhere) and obviously the Bradley deal. So, I?ll say B.

Ruben Douglas: I?d say the Cubs have broken even with the moves they have made.

DanTown8587: C. The Cubs got better in right field by signing Bradley, but they could have kept Wood and Jose Ceda for $4.5 million and didn't have to trade DeRosa and Pie for very little. If the guys they acquired go on be used in a big deal later than fine, but being a World Series contender means you pay to keep guys.

2. What move do you wish the team made? (i.e. signing, trade)

Posey H8er: Peavy, but that?s still a possibility.

SportsWorld: Peavy. He isn't a big need, but if we land him we would probably have the best rotation in baseball.

hermes: Peavy, which still could happen.

Ruben Douglas: Along with everyone else, I?ll say Peavy.

DanTown8587: Peavy. I have serious doubts about a rotation based on guys (Ryan Dempster, Rich Harden and Carlos Zambrano) that have a history of arm problems. With Peavy, it?s a better and deeper rotation.

3. Who do you feel will have a breakout season?

Posey H8er: Mike Fontenot, if he plays most of the time at second base. You can't overlook his numbers from last year.

SportsWorld: Kosuke Fukudome could have a breakout season now that he has one year under his belt, and Fontenot could have a good season as well.

hermes: Fontenot, and it would be nice for Kosuke to breakout for half a season at least. It would be nice for Chad Gaudin and Carlos Marmol to have good years as well.

Ruben Douglas: Fukudome, because I just want him to succeed.

DanTown8587: Fukudome and Fontenot. They will be given every chance to lead their respective positions and I expect them to play well.

4. Who do you see regressing after a strong 2008?

Posey H8er: Dempster. It will be hard to repeat his 2008 performance.

SportsWorld: Dempster. He more than likely won't repeat what he did last year.

hermes: Dempster. I?m not saying he'll be awful, but not as good as last year either. I also have a funny feeling Kevin Gregg won't pan out.

Ruben Douglas: Marmol.

DanTown8587: My top three are Dempster, Ryan Theriot and Geovany Soto.

5. What is the best case scenario for the club in 2009?

Posey H8er: Clinch the division while everyone remains healthy.

SportsWorld: Finally winning a World Series.

hermes: Winning it all.

Ruben Douglas: World Series.

DanTown8587: World Series Champs.

6. What is the worst case scenario for the club in 2009?

Posey H8er: Injuries to the pitching staff. Zambrano recently has been a question mark, and Harden is always hurt.

SportsWorld: Missing the playoffs for the first time in three years in a weak division.

hermes: Not making the playoffs with a healthy team.

Ruben Douglas: Getting swept in the first round of the playoffs to an inferior team.

DanTown8587: Team never gels, misses the playoffs and ownership tightens the strings.

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