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MidVP, Andy Ashby Award & Mr. Mediocre - Final Regular Season 2010
Authored by Jason Follain - 11th October, 2010 - 10:00 am

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By now, you have probably read about 73 or so different articles with their respective authors? picks for the various regular season awards. I must admit, I read them all too. I enjoy reading everyone?s takes on why they think an individual earned that particular award and why others didn?t deserve it. If you?ve read some of my past articles, especially the one that spawned this silly little exercise, you would have read about my Player Rating statistic that is designed to measure starting pitchers and offensive players on the same scale. Please refer to the link above for a more in-depth explanation of Player Rating, but if you choose not to, the higher the rating, the better the hitter/pitcher. It?s as easy as that.

What I promised the readers in that article above was a final season edition of a group of imaginary awards that I have dubbed the MidVP, the Andy Ashby Award as well as Mr. Mediocre. Now, if only these players would accept my calls, I would be more than happy to present them personally. However, I can?t see why anyone would want to claim these titles, as I?m sure every player aims to excel at their craft rather than be branded simply an average performer at their chosen vocation.

So as to include only players who are on the field fairly regularly for their teams, I have set minimum qualifications for both hitters and pitchers. Hitters must have accumulated at least 400 plate appearances and pitchers must have compiled no less than 120 innings pitched during 2010. While this definitely raises the bar slightly, as it can be assumed that the worse one performs, the less one plays, the goal of this exercise is to determine the most average player of 2010 that played on a regular basis. Without further ado, the following is possibly the most egregiously meaningless application of a perfectly useful statistic that you have ever read.

National League Mid Valuable Player

Brandon Phillips ? While Phillips may be headed to the playoffs as the National League Central Division champion Cincinnati Reds? leadoff man, Player Rating has determined that, theoretically, if you had eight of him around the diamond, you would most likely finish the season 81-81. Second base, or leading off for that matter, isn?t typically a position that produces big offensive numbers, so Phillips is already ahead of the game. In fact, Yadier Molina?s sparring partner has averaged 21 home runs per season during his five year run in Cincinnati. To top off the power speed combo, Phillips has also averaged 24 steals in the same period.

Alas, we have our first middling medal winner. True to form, among National League second basemen with 400 plate appearances, Brandon Phillips ranked 10th out of 17 in batting average, 12th out of 17 in on base percentage and 7th out of 17 in slugging percentage. Mix all of those up into a pot and you have the most normal hitter in the National League. Congratulations, Brandon (Call it intuition, but something tells me he would feel the same way about me as he does about the St. Louis Cardinals if I were to personally bestow this honor upon him).

NL MVP (according to Player Rating): Joey Votto, NL Anti-MVP: Pedro Feliz

National League Andy Ashby Award

Livan Hernandez ? After tapping into the fountain of youth in April, in which he compiled a 0.87 ERA in his first four starts, Hernandez settled into his role as the elder statesman of the Nationals? rotation. In his case, being deemed an average starter at the ripe old age of 35 (I must admit, when I was writing that, I truly chuckled a little. I?m waiting for the day the news comes out that he is actually 52), could quite possibly earn him a job next year. The man spent the past four years proving to us that he was one of the worst starters in the game, but his second tour of duty in Washington saw an incredible comeback. Nationals fans, if I offered to bet you that Livan Hernandez would, at season?s end, wind up leading your pitching staff in games started, innings pitched, complete games, shutouts and strikeouts, there?s a chance I may have bankrupted you given that most of you would?ve staked all of your earthly possessions on that bet.

NL Cy Young Award: Adam Wainwright, NL Belly Itcher Award: Zach Duke

American League Mid Valuable Player

Marco Scutaro ? When the Boston Red Sox signed Scutaro to a two-year contract in the offseason, they had to know that they weren?t going to get the kind of production that he enjoyed in 2009. That said, I think they may have gotten what they expected out of him. It was unlikely that he was going to, one, post a slugging percentage over.400, which he had never done prior to 2009, and two, post an on base percentage anywhere near his 2009 figure of .379. In fact, both of these numbers fell to exactly a 0.003 difference compared to his career averages, so it would have been foolish of the Red Sox to expect anything different. However, when you put Scutaro?s 2010 performance into context and compare him to his peers, among regular shortstops in the American League he ranked 3rd in batting average, 3rd in on base percentage and 4th in slugging percentage. So, when evaluating the performance of the BoSox shortstop, it is apparent that wholly average offensive output from a customarily defensive-minded position is a very valuable asset to have.

AL MVP: Josh Hamilton, AL Anti-MVP: Aaron Hill

American League Andy Ashby Award

Wade Davis ? The latest in a long line of potential frontline starters that have made the leap to full time duty for the Rays, Davis didn?t set the league on fire in his first full season. However, when you consider that he is pitching against stiff opposition night in and night out in the AL East, being run of the mill might figure to be a compliment. The three top offenses (Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays) in the American League reside in the division and 31% of his starts were against those very teams. So, while his 4.07 ERA might not open your eyes, the Rays believe that they have yet another pitcher capable of handling the rigors of pitching in the toughest division in baseball as well as someone with the potential to improve over his next five years of team control.

AL Cy Young Award: Felix Hernandez, AL Belly Itcher Award: Brian Bannister

Mr. Mediocre

Jorge Posada ? While he is the highest paid player highlighted in this article, we have another individual in Posada who plays a position in which offense is typically second on the priority list. That said, the Yankees are used to him putting up much more robust numbers than he did in 2010. Posado will, however, turn 40 years old next season, so the days of him putting up the stats that Yankee fans have become accustomed to over his 15 year tenure are probably behind him. What might work in his favor, though, is the fact that top prospect Jesus Montero is surely to be in the fold sometime next season and might push Posada to spend a more significant portion of his playing time at designated hitter. This season, he spent 30 games at the DH position and that figure is surely to rise in 2011. The Yankees hope this will be somewhat of a boon to his production at the plate.

Best overall Player Rating: Felix Hernandez, Worst Overall: Brian Bannister

While it was totally unintentional, the three hitters that were just handed awards celebrating mediocrity play what are considered the three least offensive-minded positions on the diamond. Essentially, they are all above average hitters compared to their peers. So, while the net effect of this exercise is basically nothing, I hope you enjoyed it. Let?s face it, we?d all love to be so-so performers at the major league level. In fact, the five players outlined in this piece raked in an average of $5.23 million in base salary in 2010. At the very least, one thing we know is that it is lucrative to be considered middle of the road while playing at the highest level.

I will leave you with my final overall Player Ratings for the 2010 season.

Jason Follain is the Senior Baseball Writer for RealGM.com. Please feel free to send comments, suggestions and feedback to Jason Follain directly at Jason.Follain@realgm.com

NameFinal 2010 Player Rating
Felix Hernandez83.34
Josh Hamilton82.27
Joey Votto74.72
Adam Wainwright74.46
Roy Oswalt73.28
Miguel Cabrera72.2
Josh Johnson70.25
Clay Buchholz68.03
Albert Pujols66.59
Roy Halladay65.68
Carlos Gonzalez64.44
Trevor Cahill61.95
Ubaldo Jimenez61.48
Jered Weaver60.11
Mat Latos59.4
David Price58.37
Kevin Youkilis56.62
Tim Hudson55.27
Troy Tulowitzki55.24
Clayton Kershaw54.98
Paul Konerko54.68
Matt Cain54.32
Cliff Lee54.28
Matt Holliday53.83
Joe Mauer53.78
Jonathan Sanchez50.96
Nelson Cruz50.52
Robinson Cano49.61
Ryan Zimmerman49.42
Adrian Gonzalez47.52
Adrian Beltre47.04
Jon Lester46.96
Jayson Werth46.94
Billy Butler46.04
Carlos Ruiz45.9
Shin-Soo Choo44.32
Justin Verlander43.57
Johan Santana43.43
Jhoulys Chacin43.42
CC Sabathia43.24
Cole Hamels42.62
C.J. Wilson41.98
R.A. Dickey41.75
Aubrey Huff41.49
Hanley Ramirez40.66
Ryan Braun40.39
Ted Lilly38.85
Buster Posey38.65
Omar Infante38.11
Jaime Garcia38.05
Chris Carpenter36.68
Rafael Furcal35.71
Dan Uggla35.54
Tommy Hanson35.47
Gio Gonzalez35.42
Evan Longoria35.03
Andre Ethier34.71
Jason Heyward34.69
Carl Crawford34.15
Kelly Johnson33.67
Hiroki Kuroda33.54
Dallas Braden33.51
Martin Prado33.43
Jose Bautista32.8
Luke Scott32.25
Prince Fielder32.13
Shaun Marcum31.64
Colby Lewis31.35
Chase Utley31.13
Brett Myers31.08
Victor Martinez30.54
Scott Rolen30.45
Max Scherzer30.28
Josh Willingham30.17
Ichiro Suzuki29.88
Nick Markakis29.76
Andy Pettitte29.11
Nick Swisher29.07
Neil Walker29.06
Andrew McCutchen28.99
David Wright28.93
Vladimir Guerrero28.18
Jack Cust27.95
Colby Rasmus27.93
John Danks27.58
Ian Kinsler27.23
Jay Bruce27
David Ortiz26.99
Jeremy Guthrie26.69
Scott Podsednik26.61
Corey Hart26.44
Ian Kennedy26.26
Jamey Carroll26.08
Ryan Howard26.04
Brian McCann25.74
Bronson Arroyo25.62
Starlin Castro25.5
Daric Barton25.02
David Murphy24.84
Travis Hafner24.74
Tim Lincecum24.38
Marlon Byrd24.2
Jose Tabata24.13
Rickie Weeks23.88
Delmon Young23.49
Adam Dunn23.28
Stephen Drew22.59
Jon Garland22.43
Brett Gardner21.37
Francisco Liriano21.26
Casey McGehee21.21
Torii Hunter21
Ricky Romero20.99
Kosuke Fukudome20.99
Angel Pagan20.84
Jeff Keppinger20.77
Justin Upton20.53
Placido Polanco20.41
Hideki Matsui20.04
Freddy Sanchez19.9
Mike Aviles19.86
Chad Billingsley19.77
Raul Ibanez19.32
Mark Ellis19.27
Carl Pavano18.32
Andres Torres17.65
Austin Jackson17.62
Jason Vargas17.37
Ryan Raburn17.16
Wandy Rodriguez16.71
Tommy Hunter16.55
Gaby Sanchez16.4
Alex Rodriguez16.24
Mark Teixeira16.14
Hunter Pence16.08
Matt Garza16.05
Alex Rios15.47
Ike Davis15.29
Vernon Wells15.07
Johnny Cueto13.71
Fausto Carmona13.53
Joel Pineiro13.2
Michael Young13.18
Brandon Phillips12.9
John Jaso12.54
Johnny Damon12.3
Jose Reyes12.09
Adam Jones11.49
Derrek Lee11.48
John Buck10.82
Anibal Sanchez10.72
Chris Young10.46
Dexter Fowler9.98
Ryan Dempster9.84
Lastings Milledge9.51
Todd Helton9.45
Jason Bay8.92
Phil Hughes8.83
Alfonso Soriano8.66
Jorge Posada8.41
Ian Stewart8.39
Bobby Abreu8.02
Jonny Gomes7.91
Michael Cuddyer7.8
Austin Kearns7.51
Ervin Santana7.25
Chris Coghlan7.16
Miguel Olivo6.89
Adam LaRoche6.88
Livan Hernandez6.72
Alexei Ramirez6.15
Marco Scutaro6.05
J.D. Drew6.04
Cody Ross6.04
Zack Greinke6.02
James Loney5.91
Pablo Sandoval5.62
Jorge de la Rosa5.34
Drew Stubbs5.3
Shane Victorino5
Jeff Niemann4.89
Derek Jeter4.79
Michael Bourn4.74
Rajai Davis4.63
Carlos Quentin3.95
Blake DeWitt3.88
Orlando Hudson3.57
Yovani Gallardo3.24
Howie Kendrick3.03
Barry Zito2.91
Fred Lewis2.87
Juan Pierre2.6
Chase Headley2.45
Wade Davis2.16
Ryan Doumit1.18
Mike Pelfrey0.94
Asdrubal Cabrera0.85
Troy Glaus0.37
Mitch Maier0.37
Ryan Ludwick0.33
Skip Schumaker0.06
Ian Desmond-0.03
Yadier Molina-0.47
Jorge Cantu-0.74
Curtis Granderson-0.92
Doug Fister-1.68
Denard Span-2.07
Elvis Andrus-2.17
Clayton Richard-2.2
Brett Cecil-2.28
Ryan Theriot-2.31
David Eckstein-2.32
Matt Kemp-2.41
Brennan Boesch-2.94
Brian Matusz-3.03
Will Venable-3.17
Casey Blake-3.31
Russell Branyan-3.52
Bruce Chen-3.55
Juan Uribe-3.64
Lyle Overbay-3.8
Jason Kubel-3.82
Jose Guillen-4.1
Chone Figgins-4.68
Julio Borbon-4.84
Gavin Floyd-5.72
Melky Cabrera-5.92
A.J. Pierzynski-5.97
Miguel Tejada-6.03
Brandon Morrow-6.36
Mike Napoli-6.83
Ben Zobrist-7.07
Orlando Cabrera-7.1
Daisuke Matsuzaka-7.38
Garrett Jones-7.44
Juan Rivera-7.5
Brandon Inge-7.65
Derek Lowe-7.8
Jason Bartlett-7.89
Randy Wolf-8.42
Alberto Callaspo-8.42
Gordon Beckham-8.51
Ty Wigginton-8.55
B.J. Upton-8.98
Mike Leake-9.13
Matt Wieters-9.13
Ivan Rodriguez-9.29
Nyjer Morgan-9.43
Cliff Pennington-9.49
Roger Bernadina-10.03
Aramis Ramirez-10.32
Armando Galarraga-10.34
Jhonny Peralta-10.35
Ronny Cedeno-10.6
Carlos Lee-12.21
Yuniesky Betancourt-12.48
Jason Kendall-13.3
Ricky Nolasco-14.99
Scott Baker-15.32
Erick Aybar-15.42
Jerry Hairston-15.87
Kevin Slowey-16.22
Wade LeBlanc-16.42
Franklin Gutierrez-16.71
Trevor Crowe-17.17
Kurt Suzuki-17.62
Clint Barmes-17.72
Randy Wells-18.06
Felipe Lopez-18.66
John Lackey-18.7
Chris Narveson-19
Jeff Francoeur-19.13
Kevin Kouzmanoff-19.36
Jake Westbrook-19.43
Adam Lind-19.6
Mark Buehrle-20.09
Tom Gorzelanny-20.56
Mark Reynolds-20.75
Freddy Garcia-21.91
Mitch Talbot-22.22
Jonathon Niese-23.37
Alcides Escobar-25.05
Matt LaPorta-25.11
Carlos Pena-25.23
Chris Volstad-26.37
Dan Haren-27.52
Jose Lopez-31.08
Kyle Kendrick-31.48
Joe Saunders-31.52
Bud Norris-33.36
Rick Porcello-34.03
Brendan Ryan-35.21
Jason Hammel-35.67
Joe Blanton-35.89
Casey Kotchman-36.73
Dave Bush-38.14
Cesar Izturis-38.21
Justin Masterson-38.33
Brad Bergesen-38.62
Aaron Hill-39.34
Rodrigo Lopez-42.27
Javier Vazquez-43.59
Edwin Jackson-45.91
A.J. Burnett-46.55
Kevin Millwood-48.06
Nick Blackburn-49.23
Pedro Feliz-49.29
John Lannan-49.83
James Shields-49.84
Jeremy Bonderman-50.1
Kyle Davies-54.5
Kevin Correia-55.26
Aaron Cook-55.82
Paul Maholm-61.81
Scott Kazmir-65.48
Josh Beckett-67.49
Scott Feldman-75.69
Zach Duke-90.57
Brian Bannister-91.06